How to configure your eSIM ?

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  1. Please scan QR code as attached/provided by our support.
  2. You just need other internet connected to your phone and then add/scan the provided QR code.
  3. You can configure the eSIM immediately from anywhere (even outside roaming country list) as long you have internet.
  4. To start use, ensure data roaming feature is enabled and you’re within one of the roaming countries. For eSIM-only configuration, you may disable the roaming option and enable it upon arrival at country of destination.
  5. You data starts immediately if you're within the listed roaming country. So you may want to disable mobile data prior to first time eSIM activation. Data counter validity for 30 days start upon first 1kb being utilized. All 1GB data bundles are valid for only 7 days. 3GB or 5G or 10GB or 20GB plans are valid for 30 days.
  6. Same eSIM can be use in any countries, you just need to add appropriate data bundles if existing bundle not within the country listed.
  7. You may top up additional data separately later.
  8.  Data bundle purchased for: See your order checkout page. 
  9. Data bundle also valid in roaming countries: See roaming package page.
  10. Global technical support and sales enquiries can be reached via email ( or WhatsApp (click hereor Webforms (click here but snail-mail speed)